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Welcome to Mal HdV Rewards, the discount scheme for all employees working at Malmaison and Hotel du Vin. If you are new to the company, or haven't used the scheme before, you'll need to register. Registration only takes a minute and you'll have instant access to great savings and deals. Register Now!

Learn about the types of savings you can make every day with Mal HdV Rewards.
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Learn more about different features in Mal HdV Rewards with our 1 minute video guides.
  • Getting StartedVideo Thumbnail
    Shopping Cards

    Learn how to use and save with Shopping Cards.

  • Cashback ExplainedVideo Thumbnail
    Cashback Explained

    Cashback is a great new way to save. Find out how and watch a video about the benefits.

  • Childcare Vouchers explained
    Childcare Vouchers

    Learn more about how you can save money on childcare costs.